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  • Description

    Introducing Resilience, the pinnacle of our 4-part daily supplement line, New Frontier Life. This innovative blend combines standard and acidic cannabinoids with essential vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts to support your daily resilience.

    Ideal for those seeking a potent and reliable daily supplement, Resilience is recommended as the starting point in our lineup. It is your daily go-to.

    Each bottle contains 60 green, instant-release tablets for swift results. Begin with two tablets 1 to 2 times daily for three days, gradually increasing by half a tablet every three days until you reach your optimal dosage.

    Use Resilience alone or alongside any of our other daily supplements for enhanced benefits.

  • Ingredients

    Formulation Per 2 Capsules


    • 15mg CBDa (Cannabidiolic acid) in Satival™ powder
    • 15mg CBD (Cannabidiol) in Satival™ powder
    • 15mg CBGa (Cannabigerolic acid) in Satival™ powder
    • 15mg CBG (Cannabigerol) in Satival™ powder
    • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with compliant THC 

    Bio Actives:

    • 100mg Glycyrrhizin Extract (Licorice Root Extract)
    • 20mg Zinc
    • 2mg B6
    • 2.5mcg B12
    • 20mcg D3
    • 5mg Proprietary Terpene Booster Blend (Myrcene, Linalool, Limonene)

    Bioavailbility Enhancers:

    • 5mg BioPerine® (Black Pepper Extract)
    • 5mg CannaSorb® (Polycannaboate 80)
  • How To Use

    Delivery Format: Green, Color-Coded Instant-Release Tablets (60 tablets per bottle)

    Suggested Dose: 2 tablets every 8 hours, or as needed

    Activation Time: 15-30 min

    Peak Effect: 1 hour

    Duration of Effect: 6 hours + 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Julie Gallagher

I order this from MI every month. It's so much better than anything I can find there. It's amazing how much better I feel when I take it

Tanya Hart

Resilience supplements

Best thing going

This should replace any tincture or daily wellness product you have. There is magic in this formula.

sara selber

I am not sure what I would do without Resilence. I love this product and NEVRR miss a day!

Absolutely outstanding

Best product ever. Unreal how much better I feel.