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  • Description

    THC-free Version - Introducing Hibernate, the fourth and final addition to our 4-part daily supplement line, New Frontier Life. Recognizing the serious importance of quality nightly sleep, Hibernate offers a powerful blend to support your restful evenings.

    The dynamic combination of cannabinoids, 5-HTP, Magnesium, Terpenes, Black Pepper Extract, and a dash of melatonin create a foundation for a full night's sleep.

    Each bottle contains 60 blue, color-coded, instant-release tablets. Start with 2 tablets 30-45 minutes before going to sleep and observe the effects. Increase the dosage by 1/2 tablet each subsequent night until you find your sweet spot that allows you to accomplish your personal sleep goals.

    Everyone is different and Hibernate is an excellent tool in your toolbox. You can take Hibernate with Resilience and Alleviate for added support.

  • Ingredients

    Formulation per 2 tablets


    • 40mg CBD (Cannabidiol) in Satival™ powder form
    • 10mg CBN (Cannabinol) in Satival™ powder form
    • Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts with compliant THC


    • 150mg Magnesium
    • 50mg 5-HTP
    • 5mg Melatonin
    • 5mg Proprietary Terpene Blend (Linalool, Limonene, Myrcene)

    Bioavailability Enhancers:

    5mg BioPerine® (Black Pepper Extract)

    5mg CannaSorb® (Polycannaboate 80)

  • How To Use

    Delivery Format: Purple, Color-Coded Tablets (60 tablets per bottle) THC-free

    Suggested Dose: 1-2 Capsules 

    Activation Time: 15-30 min

    Peak Effect: 1 hour

    Duration of Effect: 8 hours of deep sleep

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