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    Delta 8 THC is one of the new hemp-based psychoactive cannabinoids making waves. At 30mg per tart, we recommend this as a recreational product. Depending on your tolerance of THC, this can be considered a stronger dose for beginners. Try one first and give yourself a full day to understand how they affect you.

    Canna-Tarts are a delicious, sugar-free, highly effective chewable tablet format that most customers would prefer, but don't know is available. 30mg of Delta 8 THC is a mid-level dose that perfect for a relaxed head change. Some customers enjoy them pre-workout or before a hike to relax the mind and energize the body.

    As a work-week booster, the tarts fit perfectly in a purse or briefcase and are far more discreet than a bag of gummies.

    This product is chewed and dissolves in the mouth for higher bioavailability. You will find a higher degree of consistency as we use the same principles as vitamin manufacturers.

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Alan Anthony
Love these

They are a more manageable experience than other 30mg products. I think because they're absorbed orally. A functional head change. Love it before hiking.

Big Fan. Energetic High

These are really delicious and they stay with me through my work day. The high is energetic and not overwhelming. It helps with my creativity and they are consistent, unlike gummies. This is a great tart.