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    Kick back and relax. It's time to unwind and destress. These Relax Tarts combine 10mg of CBN and 10mg of Delta 8 THC for a perfect mix of mind and body melt. Our intention with this tart was to replace the evening glass of red wine with a delicious grape, sugar-free tart.

    This is a perfect booster tart to turn work off for the day and leave the troubles behind. 1-2 tarts at night can replace that cocktail or wine and leave you feeling rested the next day.

    Gummies have dominated the consumable market for the last 5 years. If customers consider cannabinoids in their daily lives, then why choose something that is so unhealthy and impractical for day-to-day lifestyle? This is why we developed something far better.

    This product is chewed and dissolves in the mouth for better bioavailability. You will find a higher degree of consistency as we use the same principles as vitamin manufacturers. 

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Rich Sturges
Canna Tarts

Wow. They really work well. Nice flavors too.

Nice Chillout

I like these alot. They are a very light feeling. Feels like I had a glass of wine, for sure. I take 2 before bed and it calms my anxiety.