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    Yes, dreams really do come true.

    Is there anything worse than buying an edible only to get home and it's hard as a rock, stale, and about to mold? Gross. No one wants that.

    Introducing, New Frontier's Space Brownie "Take and BAKE" kit. 

    Utilizing New Frontier's proprietary Satival Powder technology, we can turn hemp oil into precise powder, perfect for blending. There is no hemp flavor profile at all. Each brownie contains a potent blend of Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC from hemp with approximately 50mg per brownie. The entire kit contains 600mg and you'll get a full pan of brownies for you and your friends. The onset is about an hour. Use with caution. 

    Start low and go slow. THC from hemp can affect people differently, especially when eaten. This product is not intended for those with a low THC tolerance. 

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Smooth and delicious

Gave them to my sister for her Bday, we ate just about all of them. She might have substituted some milk or butter too. Either way they are delicious. I will buy more.


These brownies are the best edible I have ever taken! They are delicious and don’t taste like weed AT ALL! They are the perfect amount of thc to not put you on the floor but still get you to where you need to go and if you’re brave enough you can actually eat two without going to the hospital 😂. Will definitely be buying again!